Join Troop 215

Leadership: “Every Scout deserves a trained leader”.  All of our leaders are trained prior to wearing the uniform.

Troop 215 is open to all Scouts.

Joining criteria from the Scouts BSA:

Youth can join a Scout troop who have earned the Arrow of Light rank and are at least 10 years old, or have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10, or who are 11, but not yet 18 years old.

Troop 215 meets on Mondays from 7:30-8:30pm at 11412 Coachmans Way.

We are a high adventure troop, and we go on at least one hiking outing and one camping trip per month.

Our Scouts compete to see who can hike the most miles, with special recognition (Centurion) given to those Scouts who hike 100 miles or more in a single year.

We're proud to have a very high ratio of Eagle Scouts, celebrating more than 100 new Eagles since our founding in 1997 (26 years).

We follow the traditional Wake County School schedule for holidays and emergency closures.

Troop 215 requires a full Class A uniform be worn to all troop meetings and activities unless otherwise stated. A description of this uniform is found in the BSA handbook. The Scout neckerchief, slide, troop number, and book will be supplied by the troop for all new and bridging Scouts.

See the FAQ below when joining on what to purchase and what the Troop provides.  Uniforms and Scouting items may be purchased at the: Occoneechee Council Shop, 3231 Atlantic Ave., (919) 850-0301

Join BSA Troop 215!


Is prior Scouting experience required?


Do I need to live in Coachman's Trail neighborhood?


What is the religious affiliation of the Troop?

None, Troop 215 is chartered by Coachman's Trail Homeowners' Association.

All Scouts are expected to follow the principles of the Scout Law and Scout Oath.

If I am 13, is it too late to earn Eagle Scout?

Many have joined at 13 and been successful on their trail to Eagle Scout. 

How does my Scout join Troop  215?

How do I register as an Adult Volunteer?

The following link will allow you to sign up with Troop 215 and pay the registration fee in order to volunteer:

How often does Troop 215 meet?

Troop 215 meetings follow the traditional Wake County School schedule and are hosted at Coachman's Trail Swimming Pool on Mondays at 7:30pm.

How often does Troop 215 do events?


What does Troop 215 do during the summer break?

Each year, the troop rotates through the following summer camps depending on availability and PLC choices:

Each year, the troop also has a High Adventure camp selected:

When do leadership (Patrol Leader's Council) and adult committee meetings occur?

Every second Monday of the month, the Patrol Leaders Council meets at 6pm before the normal 7:30pm meeting.

Additionally on this day, at 7:30pm of this meeting, the Scout Leaders and Scout Parents meet for the adult committee meeting to reflect on what the PLC planned for future activities.

Do I need a backpack right away with joining Troop 215?

No, when joining Troop 215, take your time and get your hiking legs at the monthly hikes and get a feel for how the monthly outings progress.  Some of the outings are super easy "backpacking" treks that allow for gear checks, gear education, and preparation for the much longer AT and MST treks.

Additionally, near the holiday season, is a gear swap with current Scouts who have outgrown their gear that is in a usable state.